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It’s nice to have a flying drone on your vacation. You can always provide impressive angles for your photographs, as proven by our newest gallery. As the gadget elevated to heights above Supetar, a truly gorgeous sceneries became available for our photoreporter Zvonimir Barisin to record.

Supetar can be found on the northern coasts of Brac Island.  Initally, the settlement was located on a local isle, but as the history book turned its pages, the town slowly moved to sections of the larger island. The current position was assumed about half of millenia ago. The locals are very proud of such long history, and safeguard their traditional architectural styles and genuine way of living in Dalmatia.

Heights above Supetar

The name Supetar is actually derived from Saint Peter, or in Croatian language Sveti Petar. The local bay was of importance for the dwellers, so they named him after the famous apostle. Interestingly enough, the town has inspired people of Texas to build its replica in McKinney, Texas. The settlement has been called Adriatica, and you can learn more about it here.

Although impressive, the heights above Supetar are reserved for drones and flocks of seagulls. Human visitors are more than welcome to explore Brac beaches and the hospitality of konoba inns. One is certain to have a great dining experience in each one of them, as the delicacies are prepared with freshly caught seafood.

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