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Oh, drones! Are you not useful little gadgets? How many great videos have you brought to the vaults of Internet? Our reader Nikolet Baňáková has contributed to the collection with her latest footage of Primosten beauties. One can be certain that she had a vacation of her dreams. Check it out here:

Primosten is a beautiful Dalmatian haven situated in the very heart of region territories. The large portion of the settlement is located on the island in coast vicinity. It was inhabited in 16th century, when local populations fled the mainland due to Ottoman invaders. Forming their homes offshore brought them much-needed security. The Adriatic moat could be easily passed thanks to moveable bridge. Learn more about Primosten in our Destinations Section.

One can say that Primosten is still a haven of sort. People seeking refuge from busy schedules and everyday work stress can surely have a wonderful vacation on its shores- as proven by Nikolet’s video.

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Photo: Nikolet Baňáková YouTube Screenshot