The Adriatic Times Sinke

In the abundance of newly opened restaurants in Croatia, ArtiCok stands with its unique approach. This novel dining spot can be found in Split, on the Square of Ban Jelacic 19. It is magined as a classy restaurant, serving original meals inspired by art. Owner Marin Radic is very proud of its place, and glad that both locals and foreigners value his work.

“To have my own restaurant, that was the dream since my early days,” Radic said. “For numerous years, I was working in hospitality services, although my real job is being an interior designer. I also enjoy fine dining, yet I’m not a great chef myself.”

‘Articok’ is a play of words in Croatian language, bonding ‘art’ and ‘cok’, the latter associated with food. When combined, these words become the Croatian term for artichoke, a kind of Mediterranean plant that is commonly used in cooking.

The restaurant has 30 seats, and according to owner, it is a perfect size for what its philosophy is trying to achieve. The menu is very fluid, changing according to season and chef’s inspiration. Sweet delicacies are also an option, and guests are free to order Croatian wines and local craft beers.

If you are in Split and interested to have a pleasant, original dining session- have a stroll to Articok. Working hours are between 9 am and 11 pm. In weekend time, it is opened up to midnight.

Photo: Sonja Dvorak