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For years now, Anna-Gabriella lives her life as a passionate globetrotter, dedicated to her goal to travel the world as much as possible. This New-Zealand girl loves fashion and photography, and her blogging talent didn’t go unnoticed. Just noting that her Instagram account is being followed by more than 14 000 people is sufficient to prove there’s something about this adventurous lady.

Of course, her travels brought her to Croatia as well. During her visit to renowned Dubrovnik, Anna-Gabriella decided to take a selfie of herself, jumping in the refreshing waves of Adriatic Sea. This is when the photo above was taken, and one can’t deny it is quite special. One of the wittier readers described it as “A beautiful girl jumps in a beautiful sea next to a beautiful city.”

Dubrovnik Above

The image has quickly spread across various social media, bringing more fame to Anna-Gabirella, but also promoting Croatia as a desirable tourist destination.  Hopefully, jumping with selfie-stick will become a custom in the world of tourism, so we can expect more similar photos to emerge.

Porporela Dubrovnik

Anna-Gabriella has situated her online home here. Don’t hesitate to visit it, and see where her travels are bringing her next. Also, be inspired by her life to make your own photos and selfies on Croatian coast, and share these with our online community. Simply upload your images and clips to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


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