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The Town of Sinj is not unknown to people who know Croatia. The home of renowned Alka Knight Games is literally a symbol of the country in some aspects. Yet when 30-year old American basketball player Brandon Johnson decided to settle in this settlement, he initially didn’t know what to expect. People coming from this area were known for their traditionalism, and were generally perceived as having a very conservative nature. How will they react to an expat coming from a very different culture? Will they accept him as one of their own, or will they keep their distance to this open-minded Afroamerican individual.

It seems that Brandon’s choice was not bad at all.

Sinj, 05.08.2012 - Barjaktar Stipe Breko na 297. Sinjskoj Alci

„I really love Sinj. One can immediately tell that it has strong family values, and I’m perfectly fine with that,” American basketball player explained to LC source. “I have spent more than a month in Split, so I had plenty of time to understand the local mentality. And I am really impressed with everything I have met so far.”

Johnson didn’t know much about Sinj before he arrived. “I didn’t do the research. There’s not much point in doing so. Wherever I go, I go with maximum respect towards the local customs and culture. The worst thing to do is develop some kind of prejudice before even coming to your destination.”

The American will soon wear the sport jersey of Alkar, Sinj’s much-loved basketball club. He will certainly add a lot to its success in the upcoming matches. “Our coach told me that we’ll play with the top Croatian clubs in the league. I’m looking forward for that, it really motivates me. “

“I love the competing spirit. I have a certain dosage of healthy self-confidence and plan to give Alkar my very best.”

Sinj in the fog

After a week in Sinj, the American basketball player has even learned a few Croatian words. “Sta ima?” (What’s Up?) he giggled to our reporter. As for things he loves in the country, Johnson couldn’t skip the local food delicacies. “I am delighted with your culinary culture. Everything is so full of tastes and aromas. Nutrition is very important to me, and I really can’t have a single bad comment about what you serve on your plates.”

In addition to basketball, Johnson always has time for God and family. With all things said, we might soon hear a lot of cheerleaders yelling “USA, USA” with Alkar on the field.


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