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As many past visitors of Croatia know, old Dalmatian architecture can be pretty charming. Today, we bring you a short introduction to a certain stone house of Brac Island. It is located in the Settlement of Bol, and if the owner decides to rent it, the estate could become a very desirable accommodation for summer holidays.

“The upper floor has three sleeping rooms and a hall, while lower level was used as konoba (a traditional Dalmatian restaurant) in distant past,” noted Ivo Brizic, who owns the romantic house. “Today, I store my wine and olive oil in that space.”

The Amazing Stone House of Brac (2)

The stone house of Brac also has wooden floors and ceilings, which add to its charm. The central joist is actually a spar of a large sailboat, a unique feature even for Croatia’s coastal areas. “When I moved into this house, there was a lot of nice furniture already stationed in its rooms. Most of these were local in nature, and as I am a passionate collector of antique things, I literally kept everything intact,” Ivo concludes.

The village of Bol is quite famous on the global level, thanks to wonderful beach Zlatni Rat, which became the symbol of vacationing on Croatian shores. This coastal locality changes shape according to wind and waves, always surprising its visitors with new terrain configurations.

The Amazing Stone House of Brac (8)

Brac is also a home to numerous sacral locations, such as Dominican Monastery and pre-Romanic church of Saint John and Saint Theodore. An impressive grotto of Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon’s Cavern) is also is in the vicinity, although visiting will include a reasonable amount of walking.

The Amazing Stone House of Brac (4)

If you are interested to spend your summer on Brac, feel free to visit the corresponding Tourist Office. In the meantime, enjoy the images taken during our stay in stone house of Brac below.


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