The Adriatic Times Sinke

For many years now, a colony of peacock birds lives beneath the stony ramparts of Gripe Fort, Dalmatia. The animals awe the tourists, while the locals are glad to have such fancy neighbors. They also take good care that peacocks have plenty of food and are not disturbed in any way.

That doesn’t mean that peacocks are not accustomed to human presence. They literally pose for photographs, especially during mating season, when male birds spread their wide tails and provide a unique sight. As if being characters from fable stories, they never disappoint their audiences.

Gripe Fort is located in the vicinity of Split. It is a large defensive structure, built in 17th century. Today, it hosts two important institutions, The Croatian Maritime Museum and State Archives.

Ah yes, peacocks too.

Photo: Duje Klaric / Hanza Media