Setting a sail and enjoying the beauty of open sea is something one can always do on Croatian coast. But the experience truly shines to its full potential if you are joined by a dolphin family in good mood. Once such occasion happened to a group of sailors as they voyaged across the nautical neighborhood of Rogoznica. During their regular trip, a group of playful animals emerged from the gentle depths of Adriatic and cherished the human company with some rather precious moments.

One crew member was actually our photographer Zvonimir Barisin, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to do what he does best. In a matter of seconds, his photographing gear was operational, leading to an impressive series of images.

Dolphins are very intelligent animals with unique biological capabilities. They are very maneuverable under the sea, yet are keen to jump out from its surface in playful manner. In addition, they can communicate their surroundings thanks to echolocation, an ability to detect sound waves reflecting upon objects in vicinity. The species has a stable population in Croatian seas.

The dolphin family of Rogoznica made a day to local sailors. You can make their day happier if you opt to adopt some of their members and contribute to their wellbeing. Who knows, maybe this will prompt them to appear near to you during your stay in Croatia? We certainly hope that will be the case.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media