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It is easy to fall in love with Mediterranean settings, hence many people are dreaming of Croatia and its wonderful sceneries. Thanks to folks who have already visited the country and made some top-quality videos, it is easy to find inspiration for your vacation fantasies. One of the most recent additions to online world of Croatia was made by Paweł Gołąb, who doesn’t hide his impressions of the country. Check out his fantastic video here:

Named simply Dreaming of Croatia, the short movie has already been seen by numerous audiences. We are sure that Paweł will continue to visit the Adriatic coast, and use the local destinations to make some more films. Each year, hundreds of artists are uploading their works on Internet to promote the country, and not a single one dissapoints.

If you have photos or clips of Croatia that you’d like to share with our readers, just upload them to our Facebook Wall. Our online community is always happy to witness the talents of other Croatia fans. Plus, you will earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. In case you have never been to Croatia before, check out our Destinations, and pick the one which suits your interest best.  Don’t just dream about the visit.



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