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Five Reasons to Visit Istria

Istria is a large peninsula in Croatia’s Northwest Territories. It is a gorgeous destination that has many interesting features. One...
The Istria Times

Visit the Charming Istrian Villa in Radetici

Radetici is a small hamlet in continental parts of Istrian peninsula. Surrounded with beautiful nature and equally charming settlements, it...
The Istria Times

Watch Gorgeous Dusk in Istria

The Istrian Peninsula is located in Croatia’s northeast coasts and counts as one of the most active tourist localities in...
The Istria Times

Love Sailing in Istrian Town of Pula

Pula is known for many unique features. It is a home to one of the most preserved Roman amphitheaters in...
The Istria Times

Harvest Olives in Istrian Town of Novigrad

Nobody expects hard work on their vacation. But in some cases, such experience can be quite fulfilling and providing sense...

Aromas and Flavors of Istria

Every Saturday, visitors of Croatian City of Pula can taste local delicacies in the very heart of destination- the main...
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