Cuisine Type: 
 Credit Cards: 
Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
 Price Range: 
 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
 Number of seats: 
30 indoor, 40 terrace
Allow yourselves to be guided by the experienced sommelier Emil Perdec through the selection of five hundred different wines.

The renowned master chef Tomislav Gretić has for three years now been the star of this prestigious restaurant, equal in its exclusive quality and standards to the hotel Monte Mulini where it is situated. The small terrace has a view of the divine Lone bay, whereas the elegant interior and its stone vaults remind of a wine cell. The menu offers mostly French superb cuisine since, in Tom’s words; it most easily blends with different wines. Almost all ingredients are from France, and he is particularly proud of the fact they make all stocks and demi-glace themselves and the fact they put great effort into the preparation of each dish. It comes as no surprise the wine bar in Wine Vault offers over 500 selections (200 of which are Croatian) since wines are central to the restaurant.