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 Credit Cards: 
Amex, Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
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 Business Hours: 
noon – midnight, Sundays noon – 6 p.m., closed for public holidays
 Number of seats: 
70 indoor
Sushi and sashimi are their most popular dishes, but if you fear raw fish, you can have teriyaki chicken, wok, or something from the fusion menu. Enjoy the view of the open kitchen and the skilful chef Moto.

Takenoko has changed what Zagreb thinks of Japanese meals. When they were just opening ten years ago, everyone thought they would close soon because Croatia would not be impressed with such a restaurant. Takenoko has proven quite the opposite. They are located at the same address, in the Kaptol Centre, and recently Takenoko’s twin brother in the business area of Radnička street arrived, Tekka. They have had the same chefs from day one, and have had one addition to their team – Moto Machizuki. He came to Zagreb after living in Tokyo and Munich, fell in love and decided to stay. His sushi and sashimi are of course the main dishes on the menu. Although they procure most foods from abroad, because they simply cannot be found on the Croatian market, they are especially proud of the fact that tuna is of Croatian origin.-

Those who still fear raw fish, need not worry. The menu has other Japanese dishes, such as teriyaki chicken. Also, fusion menu offers fresh oysters with Midori sauce, roast beef salads with fried pignoli, served on arugula; monkfish fillet on Beni sauce or veal fillet in coconut sauce. They also offer various wok dishes and we believe their menu offers a bit of something for everyone’s taste. Takenoko is especially proud of its spring rolls, which kept them awake for several nights before they were able to find the perfect recipe.

You can have a steak, too, of course, but the chef Michizuki is especially proud they sell more sushi than beefsteak. Takenoko offers takeout food, and the twin brother offers food delivery. If you are still wondering just how popular this restaurant is, let us tell you that they have guests who travel all the way from Dalmatia just to have dinner here, and return home the same night. The kitchen is open, so you can also enjoy observing the chef Moto peacefully preparing the meals.