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 Credit Cards: 
Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
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 Business Hours: 
noon - 2 a.m.
 Number of seats: 
50 indoor, 80 terrace
Try the lobster and frogfish brodotto, pojorski bronzinić, orbiko, beans brodetto, octopus à la tripe soup, and the little tunny in green vegetables.

Podoja is a renowned Vis tavern, favoured by yachtsmen. It is located in Vis, Kut, and run by a Zagreb native, Zoran Brajcic, whose lobster and frogfish brodetto is to die for. This tavern’s cuisine is simply described as a successful marriage of tradition and imagination. Brajcic says he always favours traditional cuisine. His inspiration comes from his grandma Tone’s cook books and his mother Terica’s experience who used to explore the potentials of a recipe by combining it with fresh ideas. This resulted in beans brodetto, octopus à la tripe soup, molluscan burgers and fish with chickpeas. Let’s not forget a dish with code name orbiko – barley, peas and prawns.

It only may sound off, but the combination of common vetch and fish is a local tradition of the fishermen from the island of Vis, brought to the island during their search of pilchards, travelling to far away seas, exchanging recipes with Portuguese and Spanish fishermen. But, you don’t have to travel far back and you will stumble upon a common people’s meal, eaten during grape-picking season. Barley- lentilcalamari. Yes, it’s like a typical hotpot or calamari orsotto, but it sounds better in its original version – pojorski bronzinici. If you’re lucky, they’ll be serving it next time you’re there. Also, don’t miss the little tunny in green vegetables, the greater amberjack – caper salad, or lobster, frogfish and tomatoes brodetto.