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 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
6 a.m. - midnight
 Number of seats: 
42 indoor
Whatever swam freely in the sea that very morning, until it was brought to the fish market.  If they're available, try the pilchards, tuna or any stew-like dish.

This is a cult restaurant in cult location – Nostromo, at the Split fish market. At Nostromo, you will be greeted by the chef himself, golden Croatian cook, Mr. Zlatko Marinovic. What hasn’t already been written and said about Nostromo and Marinovic? This is a two-deck restaurant, with the lower deck just a meter away from the fish market. The upper deck is a culinary laboratory of flavors and smells. Marinovic honors tuna fish. Tuna reins his menus, pilchard is a prince and spoon, a queen. In Dalmatia, to eat with a spoon means to eat well and healthy. “Ingredients are everything to me, and what I make of them, that’s my business,” says Marinovic. Well, easy for him to say, with a meter between him and the freshest ingredients.