Cuisine Type: 
 Credit Cards: 
Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
 Price Range: 
 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
11 a.m. - midnight
 Number of seats: 
30 indoor
Whatever is made from fresh and live ingredients on that day. Order a bit of everything - three escargots, two smooth clams and a fish soup or filet.

It is not simple to explain how to find the Nikola restaurant: go to Split, then go to Stobrec, then come close to the local church. Then find your way somehow. There isn’t much of an entrance to it, even though it is just a few steps from the sea. It may be hard to find, but once you’ve found it – it is harder to leave, and impossible to forget. They’ll serve everything they have; you just point your finger. Don’t look at the menu; they prefer fresh choices from the morning fish and green markets. You can order three escargots in vermouth sauce, five decagrams of calamari, one asparagus prosciutto role, one stuffed smooth clam, and if you order a fish, they use it to make you a soup and a filet. In Nikola, you make your own menu with a flick of your finger.