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 Credit Cards: 
Amex, Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
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 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
9.30 a.m. – 11 p.m., closed for Christmas
 Number of seats: 
70 indoor, 35 terrace
Homemade pasta with spring vegetables and mushrooms

It all started some ten years ago with “meso ‘z tiblice” – typical high calorie meat starter from Međimurje. The owner of Mala hiža, a graphic designer Branimir Tomašić, had a clear vision for his restaurant from the beginning. He wanted to serve local food, so he moved an old oak house to where today’s restaurant is, counted cars passing by and wondering if anyone would pull over. Today he is the owner, manager and the chef.


He creates menus, carefully observing trends while remaining cautious not to get lost in them. The menus are mostly traditional dishes from Međimurje, more or less directly interpreted. But they don’t dread classic meals here either. Although here you can order, be served and eat a Wiener schnitzel, what is much more exciting is the season offer. Part of menu is always dedicated to mirroring the season offer, such as risotto made of asparagus, daisy, dandelion and strawberries, wild garlic soup.


Autumn is time for darker sauces, king bolete, autumn vegetables… Besides seasonal menu, Mala hiža has other classics, such as vanjkušec with cheese and spinach, pisana riba v poculici (fish dish) ili tenfani rabbit with trganci (type of pastry). The owner does not ignore training his stuff, some of them have spent some time in the famous Boškinac on the island of Pag.


Out of the total 150 selections on the wine list, around 30 are wines by winemakers from Međimurje. Rooms to sleep over have recently become available too.


Mala hiža does not mystify cooking, but they do not forget it’s a trade that needs to be researched over and over again.