Cuisine Type: 
 Credit Cards: 
Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
 Price Range: 
 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sat-Sun 10 a.m.-10 p.m., closed Easter, 1 Nov, 25 Dec
 Number of seats: 
80 indoor, 80 outdoor + 130 patios (reservations necessary)
Fish stew made in open fire pot with homemade noodles, local style stuffed deer meat, wild game pate and smoked catfish carpaccio.


The Kormoran restaurant is located in an old hunting home, in the very heart of Kopacki rit, with fish ponds bounding the property on one side, and Danube river banks on the other. This place is worth visiting even if you’re not staying for lunch. But, something tells us you are going to stay. Kormoran is a part of Belje group, and they treasure indigenous, traditional local cuisine. A lot of dishes from the menu are prepared over the fire, and we advise you to drink your aperitif with a view of the boiling pots. They take pride in their fish stew with homemade noodles cut by hand (make sure you tell them if you want it extra mild or spicy, because the original version is quite piquant).


Stoja Curilo, the chef, says that “the noodles are prepared home-style.” After the stew, try a wild game dish of meat from the nearby hunting areas. You won’t be disappointed if you try the local style deer (bacon filled) with wild cranberry sauce. They also offer fresh water fish burgers and fish fried in bread crumbs with pumpkin seeds, and this comes with a nutritionist’s recommendation. During the week, this place is the perfect place for a business lunch, and it is turned into a family getaway over the weekends. The nature surrounding Kormoran is almost untarnished, and you are not even allowed to use chemical insect repellents.


If you want to taste authentic local cuisine, you may also try wild game pate and smoked catfish carpaccio (smoked on the premises), grilled carp, frog legs or hunter’s treasure – pork steak filled with game meat. If you want to cap your lunch with a sweet treat, choose between juicy chocolate cake Kormoran and refreshing Belje carrot and cream cheese cake. The wine list hosts all major local selections from Ilok, Belje and Agrolaguna cellars.