Cuisine Type: 
 Credit Cards: 
Visa, Diners, Master Card, Maestro
 Price Range: 
 Disabled Access: 
 Business Hours: 
8 a.m. - midnight
 Number of seats: 
40 indoor, 40 terrace
The most famous and the most delicious meal is black risotto called Kapetanova kuca. Also try their famous pasta cake.

The location of the restaurant is pretty attractive, on the waterfront in a small town of Mali Ston. In 1986, the restaurant was named after a local head office of Mali Ston guard captain. In the fisherman’s atmosphere of this maritime town, the founder, deceased Ante Kralj, opened a restaurant with array of bay specialties, reined by Mali Ston oyster. After her husband passed, Lidija Kralj took over the management of the restaurant, and now designs and creates the gastro delicacies and concepts. She has continued to make the tastiest black risotto Kapetanova kuca, and make sure you try it. Along with the oyster, of course. Also try the famous Ston Cake,  made of pasta, and choose any of the famous wines made by local winemakers.