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The following explains Croatia Times’s privacy policy for all visitors to the domain:

Information Gathering and Cookies

If you visit our website to read or download information, such as events schedules, parking forms or building permits, we capture and store only the domain name of your computer (for example, and other related information to speed up the performance of web page delivery. We collect no other personal information. We do not use or set cookies on our website to store any information on your personal computer hard drive. A cookie is a very small text file inserted onto your computer by a website that you visit. When you return to the website, the cookie is then read by the site’s web server. Cookies are used for many things, from making web sites more personal to tracking your web browsing habits.

Sending Email to Croatia Times

We value your feedback. If you send us an email with questions or comments about our programs or services, we do collect your email address and any other information that you volunteer. We do this to improve the content of our website, and occasionally, to customize its content for the individual user.

Sale of Data

We do not sell data for direct mail or advertising purposes. We promise.