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Have you ever tried riding on a zip line? You know, when your body is attached to a rope and then sent sliding over the heights of a beautiful landscape? If no, it will probably be your next web search. If yes, you’ll do the same thing, just to be reminded of the feeling.

There are several options for Zip Line addicts in Croatia, but we’ll show you what the experience looks like in Omis, a city in Split-Dalmatia County located on the very confluence of Cetina River. As such, it is a perfect terrain for riders of zip-lines, as river’s canyon just waits to be explored by those who dare to hang above it. Don’t take our words for it; check out the footage below to see the experience in its full power:

During their ride (or better say, flight) attendees reach the speed of up to 65 km/h. The highest point over canyon is 150 meters, and during their trip, riders will cross the distance of over two kilometers. Sounds interesting? Book your place (er…rope) here, and indulge in your next Croatian adventure.