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Zagreb has many buildings of historical value, one of them being so-called “Kockica”. Located at Prisavlje 14, in the broad center of the city, its name literally translates as “Small cube”. The building was constructed in the sixties, and it served as headquarters to communist leaders of the era. As such, it wasn’t just a place where important decisions were made, but where intrigue, plots and diplomatic wars were waged on the grand scale. Especially during the Cold War period, when Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, a country which managed to escape Soviet influence and find its own path in global politics.

Authored by architect Ivan Vitic, Kockica is a fine example of social modernism architecture. Despite somewhat gray looks from the outside, the building’s interior features valuable works of art, such as mosaic of Zlatko Prica, relievo of Stevan Luketic and wall paintings of Edo Murtic. In modern times, several important Croatian ministries are stationed in Kockica, and the building is protected as a cultural good.

Organized tours with professional guides are available to visitors, and are free of charge. Send e-mail to Zagreb’s Tourist Board at for details. In the meantime, enjoy our photo gallery of Kockica’s interior as a preview. Who knowns, maybe you will spot a concealed spying device somewhere?



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