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Zagreb has reached second place in the prestigious electronic pool for best European destination, organized by influential internet portal EBD. In the ferocious competition, Zagreb proved more interesting to tourists than cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, London and Paris. The Croatian capital was bested only by Portuguese town of Porto, known for its sweet wine of the same name.

Marko-Miscevic / CROPIX Agency

EBD stands for European Best Destinations, and is a non-profit organization headquartered in Bruxelles. Its main goal is promotion of European culture and tourism on the world scale, so Zagreb’s success is a big achievement.

Naturally, the tourist board of Croatian capital expressed satisfaction with such result, claiming it will contribute to Zagreb’s image and draw more foreign visitors. The city is more than nine centuries old, has numerous sites of cultural and historical background, and is a popular destination for entertainment.

Last January, Zagreb received an increase of 6% in tourist visits. Most guests came from Germany, Italy and neighboring country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed these rates will go up in the following years, as Croatia’s joining to European Union made the country more accessible for foreign visitors.


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