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Strong outbursts of Jugo wind are not the best news for people who dwell on Adriatic coasts. The weather phenomenon is connected with some bad meteorological conditions, usually giving a hard time to locals. However, Zadar  kitesurfers prove that jugo doesn’t have to be all that bad. As a matter of fact, it is just the thing they needed to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Kitesurfing is a surface water sport, a combination of sailing, surfing and kite-letting. Once attendees step up on the board, they release a large kite in the air. If having a sufficient amount of wind power, the kite will not only fly on its own, but provide enough boost for surfers to travel on waves. It takes a little bit of skill, but once you learn maneuvering your kite, it can lead you quite far. Plus, you are bound to make some really cool stunts.

With jugo in charge, Zadar Kitesurfers had plenty of power to show their water-jumping passion and talent. They also enjoyed the perfect scenery of Zadar dusk, a renowned natural sight which left even the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock under impression.

Zadar, 04.11.2014 - Jako jugo omogucilo je windsurferima da uzivaju u omiljenoj sportskoj aktivnosti

Just imagine- for a few seconds, this man is literally hovering in air on a single position. And all that keeps him that way is the power of the wind.

Zadar, 04.11.2014 - Jako jugo omogucilo je windsurferima da uzivaju u omiljenoj sportskoj aktivnosti

Talking about freshness, rare can experience it in more delightful way than Zadar kitesurfers. Not only are they refreshed by speeds they achieve, but by splashes of water surrounding their boards.


Also to consider: these photos are only a week old. Judging from the clothes of people involved, November is still a month in which you can wear shorts in Croatia. What are we talking about? You can even windsurf!

Zadar Kitesurfers

Who needs a high-speed boat when you have a kite and a board?

Zadar, 04.11.2014 - Turisti uzivaju u setnji i zalasku sunca na zadarskoj Rivi

And do we have to mention that tourists are still voyaging across Dalmatia? They were genuinely amused with the show of Zadar kitesurfers, and will take a lot of their photos back home.

Have you ever kitesurfed on Croatian coast? Leave your impressions in the comments section below.


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