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Story has it that in 1964 Alfred Hitchcock, stunned by the amazing colors of the sunset he witnessed from his hotel room in Zadar, declared it was the most beautiful in the world. Almost half a century later, visitors are still inspired by the majestic scene of Zadar’s setting sun – albeit with a 21st century twist.


The Sea Organ, a unique musical installation constructed on the Zadar waterfront in 2005, turns the movement of the sea into a surreal soundtrack and is something the master of suspense would certainly appreciate. The same could be said of the Greeting to the Sun located right beside it, a permanent art installation set in pavement which transforms solar energy into a stunning light show, best enjoyed during twilight when its colors explode.


Zadar is a unique example of modern technology helping nature itself create urban art for the enjoyment of the city’s visitors and locals. A picture postcard town transformed into a scene that looks like something out of Silicon Valley, this 3,000-year-old is still on top of its game.


Written by: David Spaic-Kovacic


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