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Before Croatia became an independent country, it was a part of state known as Yugoslavia. That country fell apart in early 90’s, but not before producing its own line of automobiles. Yugo Cabrio is one of the pinnacles of that industry, with only 500 vehicles being produced, 75 of which went to United States market.

Yugo was a very big success in Balkan region, much thanks to its affordability. More than 700 000 vehicles were sold, providing the economically unstable countries with cheap mobility options. Although universally panned for lack of technical quality, Yugo stood the test of time and many of these cars can still be found on the roads of Balkan countries.


The brand’s international reputation was decimated after Yugo approached American market. The plan looked quite practical in the beginning. It was believed that Americans were lacking an option to buy a small budget-car, which could easily park and cost less than 5000 $. The Yugoslavian machine could easily fill in the gap, but dubious construction led to bad reviews and unsatisfied customers.

As already mentioned, Yugo Cabrio reached United States in very limited quantities. However, precisely one of these machines found its way back to Europe, only to stay in garage of Pozega resident Sinisa Bosanac. A skilful mechanic, he keeps the vehicle in good shape, and even bought a large collection of spare parts for upcoming years.


“It is always an attraction. Wherever I go, people gather wanting to see the vehicle,” Sinisa notes with a smile, adding that Yugo Cabrio was actually designed in Detroit. The car comes with four-cylinder 1,3 liter engine, having 65 hp and capable of developing the speed of 155 km/h.

Despite the age and bad reputation, Yugo is still quite present in the universal conscience of world drivers. It has a strong retro value, so it is not surprising that used Yugos can reach the price of up to 7000 $. Plus, these vehicles really do have charm, as one can see in the gallery below. In a way, it is still a symbol of Balkan region, and refuses to go in the history book.

Montenegro Expert

I am still driving a Yugo Cabrio and also renting it out for our guests – they love it!


The fact that we can still find them in pretty good shape proves it was actually a very functional vehicle.


I have Yugo Cabrio 🙂 from 1991 Year with only 9000 km !
Lovely car – 0 defects in this year !
100 % orginal without any corrosion 🙂
In total I have 4 Yugo Cabrio 🙂


I have 4 Yugo Cabrio 🙂
In my country is only 10 cabrios….

Best Regards 🙂


Hello, can you send photos of your cars?


@M Hello
This is my car on photos. Can you send photos of your cars?
I have a lot of documentation of Yugo Cabrio in PDF, I can send to you.
Best regards


Hello, Sinisa. Glad that you take care of your car so much! The photos have been provided to us through Hanza Media Service. We won’t be needing the pdf but are glad that Yugos are still on the roads. Best regards!


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