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Croats have been sailors since the nation’s first day, and long voyages have always been a part of their lifestyle. One of their favorite sayings is „Ploviti se mora“ or translated, „One has to keep sailing“.  The meaning is obvious- whatever happens in your life, you need to move on, and keep your course set.

Zagreb doesn’t have a direct acess to the Adriatic Sea, but it does have its own scuba-diving club. It’s name, „Roniti se mora“  is a take on the saying above, and translates as „One has to keep diving“. On annual occasion, the organization hosts an exhibition in underwater photographing, open to the entire world. This year, more than one hundred entires arrived, coming from 11 foreign countries.

Heinz Toperczer.jpg2

We bring you the selection of these unique photographs, made by people with an eye for underwater beauty and passion for exploring those fascinating worlds which lie under the waves. If you wish to make similar photographs during your vacation in Croatia, consider visiting Adriatic’s shipwrecks, or participate in underwater lessons around Vis.

Or simply enjoy the photos below, courtesy of Zagreb’s second Underwater Photo Marathon.


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