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Why do we like your photos so much? Because sometimes it is difficult to efficiently explain what makes country of Croatia so special and full of life. Every prominent tourist destination of the world tries to underline its highlights and stress the reasons why you should pick it for next vacation, but on our portal, we want things to work the other way around. Send us your reasons why you like Croatia, and tell us your story about wonders of Croatian Shore.

The photo above was provided to us by our frequent reader and media contributor Otto Hargita. He is easily inspired by Croatian landscapes and outdoors, his camera often resembling a painter’s brush which produces masterpieces on photographic canvas. A simple tree and a dock with harbored fisherman ships are everything one needs to make a great photo on Croatian coast- especially in combination with lovely skies and Adriatic blueness in the back.

Join Otto’s work by sending us your own photographic achievements! Earn a chance to become our media contributor for the day, and get your pictures published and observed by thousands of our visitors! Simply upload them to our Facebook Wall, and we’ll pick the best ones for our feature photo.

Interested in the feat, but lacking the material? In that case, you’ll have to visit the country! Book your accommodation, buy yourself an air-ticket and consider using our rent-a-car options. But don’t stop on lovely sceneries and sites of historical value. Visit a Croatian restaurant and take a photo of yourself next to a feast! Make a selfie next to a peka bell burning in ashes, or while dining a traditional Croatian dish such as krustule and fritule. Croatia waits for you, and Like Croatia waits for your photographic additions! Don’t be a stranger- even if you are a foreigner!





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