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Interested in modern architectural design? In that case, check out this fancy wine chateau of Slavonia, brought to you by Croatian studio ‘Dva Arhitekta”. It recently won an award of influential magazine ‘The Plan’, as the jury lauded its original design during an international conference in Venice. If everything goes well, the project will soon go to next step, and hopefully it won’t take long for us to see the Wine Chateau of Slavonia in Radovanci settlement, near town of Pozega.

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“We made this project for one of our clients, who is a very successful winemaker,” the architects told buro247. “The region around Pozega is called Golden Valley, since it is features pleasant altitude level, southern orientation, strong continental climate features and gradual transition between summer and autumn seasons. All these factors are very beneficial to winemaking.”

The Wine Chateau of Slavonia was not imagined to be secluded from natural surroundings, though. It was literally designed to blend with lovely outdoor landscape. “From the designer’s point of view, it was challenging to combine architectural elements with pristine nature. Yet, the logical choice was quite simple. We just found a hill of sufficient size, excavated it, and added the winery interior inside.”


Photo courtesy of: Pozega-Slavonia Tourist Board
Photo courtesy of: Pozega-Slavonia Tourist Board

“In addition of blending the chateau with surroundings, such approach benefited the building’s main occupant- wine. Due to this design, it is very easy to maintain the perfect levels of temperature, moisture and light.”

Along the facilities in which the ‘golden nectar’ is produced, the Wine Chateau of Slavonia will feature a tasting area for visitors. So if you plan to visit this Croatian region, located in the country’s northeast territories, check out Radovanci for this unique place. And even if the construction is not completed before your visit, you will still have the opportunity to taste the very reason it begun: the aromatic and renowned glass of Slavonian wine.


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