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Literally translated, the word Smokvica means a small fig. It is also the name of an island in Adriatic Sea, close to quite renowned coastal town of Primosten. Although relatively small, the destination has a rather unique recent history, as it was rented to a local businessman. Now, more than a decade after becoming a private summer resort, Smokvica returns to state ownership. What will become of it is unknown at this moment, but its romantic lanscape will hopefully be put to good use.

Smokvica has a complex of buidlings on its soil, that was used by previous renters. It may need a visual upgrade, but the baseline for having a luxury resort is here. As you can see in our image gallery below, the island is impressive, and more than capable of providing a quality leisure time. Who knows, maybe some of our readers might invest their assets, and make Smokvica their own private spot on Adriatic Coast.

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Photo: Niksa Stipanicev / CROPIX