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Croatia is always improving its tourist offer. Every year, new content is added and infrastructure developed in the country, just to improve the quality of its services and satisfaction of guests. It doesn’t matter whether you are a native or coming from abroad. You will certainly appreciate the new improvements that are planned on the following twenty nature sites of Croatia.

Tom Dubravec / CROPIX

Biokovo Mountain

The beautiful mountain in Dalmatia annually attracts thousands of visitors, who seek refreshment in the high grounds from hot summer weather.

  • A Visitor Center will be constructed in Zupa
  • Skywalk System will be added
  • Rodic Pathway will go through rearrangement
  • Traffic options will be extended (buses, bicycle rental etc)
  • Addition of educative and multimedia content
  • Project to conclude in 2021
Goran Sebelic / CROPIX

Brijuni Archipelago

Fascinating Islands of Brijuni won’t stay idle in the upcoming years. Some big plans are being prepared for this archipelago, including the following projects.

  • Renovation of seven smaller buildings
  • Construction of tourist info-center on Veliki Brijun
  • Reconstruction of local promenades
  • Investments in outdoor cinema and acquirement of film materials
  • Acquisition of tourist trains and ferries
  • Project expected to conclude in 2020
Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Kornati Islands

The remote archipelago of Kornati is a place to seek solitude in untouched nature. But that doesn’t mean some tweaking of local infrastructure won’t hurt the scenery.

  • Kornat military base to be changed into tourist center “Kuca okrunjenog mora”
  • Renovation of tourist centers “Skrinja Tajni” and “Cornata”
  • Construction of new docking localities in 19 different coves
  • Investments in nautical and continental signalization
  • Project to end in 2021
Vjekoslav Skledar / CROPIX

Island Mljet

The Mediterranean haven is surrounded with pristine Adriatic waters, but also has two large lakes on its premises. This forest-rich destination comes with ancient palaces and mystical monasteries. Here are new things arriving to this island’s shores.

  • Construction of Tourist center “Gustijerna”
  • Construction of parking spaces and souvenir shops
  • Renovation of local hiking tracks
  • Acquisition of minibus vehicles
  • Investments in education and integration of local communities
  • Project to end in 2019
Luka Gerlanc / CROPIX


This National Park of Croatia is actually a gorgeous river canyon, equally exciting to adrenaline-addicted adventurers and people just expecting a relaxing time in nature.

  • Ex-Yugoslav military tunnels to be turned into exhibition spaces
  • Construction of Tourist Center
  • Acquirement of electrical tourist train
  • Additional security and HGSS threat response investments
  • All projects to conclude in 2019
Nikolina Vukovic / CROPIX

NP Krka

The gorgeous landscapes of Krka National Park are beautiful by default, but they will certainly benefit from additional content.

  • Construction and renovation of existent tourist centers
  • Founding of Ecology Camp in Puljani
  • Founding of “Krka- vrelo zivota” center in Kistanje
  • Investments in electrification of vessel traffic
  • Construction of “Lozovac” center, including trails, observation posts and playgrounds
  • Installation of Green Island feature
  • Upgrades to finish installing in late 2019
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The Croatian mountain of bobcats is not fulfilling its full tourist potential. Fascinating sceneries wait to be discovered and promoted on global scale, and the following infrastructure will certainly assist in that.

  • Founding of Volunteer Center in Crni Lug
  • Construction of Parking Lot with Info Reception
  • Initialization of several educational and volunteer programs
  • All features to be added until early 2020
Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX


Distant and intriguingly mysterious, the Island of Lastovo provides unique hospitality to nature admirers. In addition of being a perfect spot for astronomy lovers, the island has gorgeous natural landscapes that deserve every visitor’s attention.

  • Local military complex to be renovated in tourist center “Vejo More”
  • Renovation of accommodation, restaurants and coffee shops
  • Installment of educative centers, dealing with Lastovo nightsky phenomenon
  • Project to finish in 2019
Zeljko Muzevic / CROPIX


Not all beauty of Croatia is situated on its shores. In the northern regions, Papuk Mountain reigns in the heights above Pozega City of Slavonia. Thanks to the following investments, this nature park may gain additional renown and attract even more visitors.

  • “Geo-Info Centar Vocin” to be constructed in following years
  • Acquiring equipment for the halls of “Kuca Panonskog Mora” Center in Velika
  • Construction of Adrenaline Park in Duboka
  • Construction of six observation points in Papuk park
  • Repairs and upgrades of road between Slatinski Drenovac and Jankovac
  • Project expected to conclude in 2020
Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX


The pride of Dalmatia, Velebit Mountain and its charming slopes oversee Croatian central coastline and inspire both locals and foreigners with lovely sceneries and magnificent natural localities.

  • Investments in traffic assets, including hiking trails, roads and railroad crossings
  • Former motel space to be renovated in visitor center
  • Installment of illumination system on promenades and inside local grottos
  • All features to become active until 2020
Ranko Suvar / CROPIX

Lonjsko Polje

One of Europe’s most vital areas for birdlife, Lonjsko Polje is a beautiful swamp that can provide visitors with unique experiences and original attractions. Thanks to upcoming projects, it may become even more desirable destination.

  • Construction of “Crna Roda” tourist center in Osekovo
  • Construction of eight in-park observation points
  • Investments in additional presentation content (ethno-collections, signalizations, etc.)
  • Project to conclude in 2020
Danijel Soldo / CROPIX


A bay in the southeast territories of Dugi Otok Island became an unofficial symbol of Croatia. Every year, thousand of photos are being made on its premises and shared on social networks, becoming digital ambassadors of Croatian beauty. Here is what you can expect from this destination in the following years.

  • Reconstruction of five military objects
  • Founding of three multimedia exhibition spaces
  • Content connection between “Uvala Mir” and “Grpascak” Centers
  • Installment of additional educative content for visitors
  • To conclude in 2020
Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Vransko Lake

People who visited Vransko have not left without positive impressions. The gorgeous locality is a perfect inland alternative to Adriatic Sea and its magnificent traits.

  • Founding of new info-centers in Biograd and on park premises
  • Acquirement of electrical tourist train and solar-powered boat
  • Renovation of Crkvina harbor and hiking trails
  • Construction of local adrenaline park
  • To conclude in late 2021

Kopacki Rit

Another continental site of beauty, Kopacki rit can be found between Drava and Danube rivers in the eastern Croatian territories. It is one of Europe’s most cherished wetlands, providing guests with knowledge and avid outdoor enjoyments.

  • Renovation of Tikves Castle
  • Construction of a port on Sakadas Lake
  • Investment in electrical vessels and excursion boats
  • All features to be installed until 2021
Damir Krajac / CROPIX Agency


The mountain peaking above Zagreb City is among the most visited picnic localities of Croatian capital residents. In addition to pristine nature, destination has numerous points of historical interest and is a site of many local tales and legends.

  • Renovation of Medvedgrad Visitor center
  • Installment of three new exhibition spaces
  • Systematic renovations of roads and cycling tracks
  • Construction of children playground and educative trails
  • Acquisition of electrical bicycles
  • To conclude in 2019
Niko Goga / Hanza Media


The attractive highland above Kvarner Bay and Istrian Peninsula, Ucka is another site in Croatia that deserves one’s attention. With upcoming renovations, it may get even more popularity.

  • Reconstruction of old poultry house into visitor center “Poklon”
  • Reconstruction of objects in Rovoza, Podmah, Lovranska Draga and Susnjevica)
  • Initialization of innovative interpretation programs
  • All updates to conclude in 2021
Neja Markicevic / HANZA MEDIA

Samoborsko gorje

Samobor might be the most charming settlement in northern Croatia, and its mountainous surroundings contribute to such impression. Fish dishes based on catches in local rivers and ponds are not to be missed.

  • Founding of Visitor Center, exhibition space and souvenir shop
  • Investments in accommodation potentials
  • Construction of restaurant, amphitheater, sport terrains and children playground
  • Founding of HGSS safety response center
  • Project to conclude in 2020

These are twenty nature sites in Croatia that will be improved to everyone’s satisfaction in the upcoming years. From natural parks to reserves, it is a world of beauty that waits to be discovered and enjoyed by visitors from all across the globe.

Feature Photo: Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media