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Thanks to computer games and movies such as Jurrasic Park, dinosaurs are not vanishing from interests of popular culture. And that is a good thing. In addition of being mayestic and impressive, these gigantic reptiles always spark curiosity for science and geology in younger generations. The first question they ask is usually always the same. What happened to dinosaurs? Despite the fact that experts have several standing theories, some exact details are still open for discussion. Yet, recent discoveries at Croatian Island of Hvar might lead to some new theories.

Goran Sebelic / CROPIX Agency
Goran Sebelic / CROPIX Agency

According to Croatian Geological Institute and confirmed by Bulletin of American Geological society, this Adriatic Island might hold concrete proofs why dinosaurs went extinct. One of the leading experts on this subject, Dr. Tvrtko Korbar, provides detailed explanation on recent discoveries.

„After years of analyzing limestone on beautiful Hvar coasts, our team of international scientists have confirmed our theories, published 13 years ago“, Korbar noted to LC source . „At this point, the island is the only known site in the world to have physical evidence of cataclysm which occured 66 million years ago.“

According to research conclusion, Hvar has suffered a terrible tsunami at that time in history. The catastrophy of such proportions could only happen in case of an asteroid hitting our world’s surface. Ground zero of this crash occured in Yucatan, current Mexico. This means that tsunami wave travelled around 10 000 kilometers, and still had enough power to completely submerge an entire Island in Adriatic Sea.

Brijuni, 01.06.2012 - Postavljena skulptura dinosaura u Nacionalnom parku Brijuni

Asteroid crash greaty changed the way our world looked like and functioned climatically, fundamentally leading to demise of giant reptiles and mammals becoming more dominant kind. Hvar discovery also sheds some new light on what local geological terrain might have looked like in past, especially the relations between now non-existen Ocean of Tetis wth Atlantic.

So what happened to dinosaurs?A lot of them perished in Mexico itself, but effects of the crash were felt even on the other side of the planet. At the end, they couldn’t sustain themselves and whitdrew from the history of our planet. If you are interested in their lives, plus you wouldn’t mind sharing a cocktail with a celebrity on Adriatic coasts, reserve your spot on beautiful Island of Hvar this summer.


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