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We all dream about spending a vacation on a remote Island, far from everyday stress and business obligations. The inviting shores of Premuda Island are promising exactly such summer experience. The destination can be found in Dalmatian archipelago, near the renowned coastal Town of Zadar.

Premuda is a relatively small island, having approximately nine square meters in size. It has less than 100 permanent residents, who live in a single settlement, which shares the name with the island. The destination is rich in plant life, and plans are made to increase the number of its olive groves. In a matter of years, the island could become a valuable source of traditional olive oil, one of the products Dalmatia is known for. After all, the tagline of the Island’s tourist board is “Premuda- An Island of Happiness.”

Shores of Premuda are very attractive, but even more beauties can be encountered once you leave their premises. The surrounding Adriatic Sea hosts numerous localities which are of interest to fans of nautical enjoyments. Not to mention that island’s immediate underwater hides a notable grotto called “Cathedral”, a system of submerged caves and tunnels which attract divers from all over the world.

Visiting the Underwater Cathedral (13)

An even more challenging underwater destination is a shipwreck of Szent Istvan, an Austro-Hungarian dreadnought vessel, sunk during World War I. It was destroyed during combat duty with an Italian torpedo launcher, resting ever since near shores of Premuda. Visiting this locality is advised only to the most experienced scuba-divers.

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