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In distant past, the settlement of Malinska was perceived as a luxurious destination, providing leisure and vacation time to Viennese aristocracy. Things didn’t change much today, as every person coming to Malinska feels like an aristocrat. The small coastal town has been nicknamed “ The Pearl of Kvarner”, reminiscent of Dubrovnik’s unofficial title of being “The Pearl of Adriatic”.

Dzefi Allain

Malinska is best for a few reasons: limited ‘drinking college’ culture means no vomit and obscene youths; you can drive there form the main-land; the beach is so long, you may choose a busy area near the Kafic, or something more secluded; north-facing keeps the Adriatic wind off you; and finally lack of Roman / Venetian ruins means less ‘daily parking’ people.


We can’t put “drinking college” as a feature in tourist brochures, so we are always happy that someone notices it 🙂


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