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There were many heroes in Croatian history. But if we are to talk about modern times, it’s difficult to find stronger people of valor than members of HGSS Unit. The organization stands for Croatia’s Mountain Rescue Service and consists of trained experts that safeguard human lives in dire situations. Often risking their own wellbeing, these people save individuals in inaccessible areas such as highlands or isolated islands. They are often involved with saving tourists, as foreigners are lacking situational awareness and sometimes end up in unwanted situations.

Nikola Vilic / CROPIX

If visiting Croatia, it is often prudent to know about HGSS and means of contacting the service. In case of emergency, simply call 112 with your mobile and talk with the operator. Have no fear of language barrier, as the organization has several translators and are capable of handling such situations.

Tea Cimas / CROPIX

Of course, the best way of being secure is to think about being secure. Don’t put yourself in risky situations, especially those wacky ones that HGSS had the joy of encountering. Assuring your own safe state is the best move for a lovely vacation.

But the duty of HGSS is not just covering human beings. When called about animal in trouble, they gladly dispatch their operatives for assistance. Recently, they had to help a poor dog that fell in a 12-meter well near Karlovac. Check out their successful efforts in our image gallery below. And don’t worry,- the dog is in good shape, as proven by local veterinarian.

Photo: HGSS