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Sometimes, a photo tells the story more than a lengthy article. Or even several stories at once. For example, take a glance at the photo above. It shows a wall in Umag, a coastal town in Istria known for its important ATP tennis tournament. But Umag also has a historical tale to tell. And the one about the sea. It is also a charming tourist resort, annually visited by thousands of visitors, both local and foreign. All that can be read from this photo, taken by our frequent reader Ernő Schulcz‎. The old walls were constructed to provide protection. The sea in the middle provided centuries of nourishment and connections with far away place. As you can see, this photo is much more than a simple click of a camera.

Of course, a wall in Umag is not the only place having a Croatian story. Want to share some of your own tales through photography or video material? Share them on our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become LC’s daily contributor. What


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