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There are many places to visit and enjoy in Croatia, but Split Promenade counts among the most pleasurable ones. Walking below the wide branches of palm trees, next to the fascinating crystal-blue colour of Adriatic surface, is the sole reason why some people visit the city of Emperor Diocletian. It is a perfect location for that kind of vacation where you only need a book, a cup of coffee and awe-inspiring surroundings. Walking this paved promenade actually means walking through history, as the site has been serving its purpose for centuries.

Do you have your own photo of being at Split Promenade? If that being the case, feel free to upload it to our Facebook Wall and show our online community what beauty lies near the docks of this fabulous Dalmatian city. And if the initial paragraph inspired you for a visit to Croatia, be sure to check out our online air-ticket reservation service. In case you seek accommodation in Split, consider booking a room, apartment or even a house using Like Croatia’s large archive. Don’t visit the country without walking through history of Dalmatia’s Capital.


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