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This world is full of boring schedules, repetitive business procedures and stressful everyday issues. No wonder, people are escaping from such reality into imaginary worlds of literature, film and travel. For the latter, Croatia is a good choice. Here are three tours which will satisfy every contemporary escapist.

Tour the Fairy Tales of Zagorje

The beautiful region of Zagorje has been a site of many historical events. Being strategically important in feudal times, it has a lot of old keeps and forts on its soil, each of them with its own stories to share, and grandiose past to reveal. These fairy tales can be accessed in a six-day tour, which will also introduce you to Zagorje’s renowned natural destinations. The region is not called “Greed Door of Croatia” for nothing.

Venture through Parenzana tracks

Being in Istria and dreaming of a great adventure? We have just the thing for you, especially if you don’t mind riding a charming little tourist train. This eight-hour tour will literally take you to clouds over Istria, as you will explore Istrian countryside through deep tunnels and over high viaducts. The peak of the tour is definitely Motovun, the magnificent city featuring large stone walls and internationally popular movie festival.

Game of Thrones Tour

The pen of George R.R. Martin has brought a sanctuary to many modern dreamers, who routinely imagine themselves as characters in “Game of Thrones” series. But as many know, the highly popular TV-serial produced by HBO is largely being filmed in Croatia. If you are a fan of the series, you owe to yourself a tour of locations which depicted realms of Westeros and Essos. Learn more about the experience here.

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