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A lot of Croats have benefited from European funds opened for upgrading tourist accommodations. One story of success comes from Island of Krk, where resident Goran Marevic brought new shine to his estate in Vrh settlement. “I work as a president of local olive-harvester association, but couldn’t miss a chance like this to update my property,” Goran explained to LC source. “Initially, locals were somewhat skeptic about European funds, but now their accommodations are booked from Easter to November. My Vrh Stone House is no exception.”

Vrh Stone House

Goran likes to joke that Vrh Stone House has been financed by Europe two times in a row. The first upgrade happened during Austro-Hungarian Empire, when the state paid for estate’s stable. As years passed and way of living changed, the cattle moved out, their home replaced by a very attractive tourist accommodation. Thanks to European Union, Goran’s property became a great spot to rest on Croatian coast.

Of course, just because the estate has been upgraded, doesn’t mean it lost its original charm. Stone houses can’t go without having wooden carpentry, so Goran ordered oak-made furniture from region of Slavonia. The kitchen working surface, on the other hand, is made from genuine Krk stone.

Vrh Stone House

Vrh Stone House has 120 square meters in size and two floors. It comes with a living room, kitchen, separate dining hall, storage, konoba-space and two sleeping rooms with private bathrooms each. As for the outdoors, this Krk home has two gardens, one of which even has a pool. Naturally, house is equipped with all modern appliances one might need on vacation.

Vrh Stone House

If interested in renting this estate, contact Krk Tourist Board for more information on the subject. In the meantime, check out our photo gallery of Goran’s house below.


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