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Croatia is known for gorgeous natural sceneries, such as Plitvicka Jezera Lakes and impressive historical sites, including ramparts of Dubrovnik and Roman amphitheater of Pula. But there is another Croatia. The one located beneath the waves of Adriatic Sea, where a world filled with life and unimaginable beauty waits. A plethora of things to do and experience are available, including visiting the underwater cathedral, a true pearl of Croatian tourist offer.

Every year, thousands of foreign visitors arrive to Croatia in order to scuba-dive its submerged localities. Among them, exploration of Katedrala caverns is considered a topping experience. This huge complex of underwater grottos can be found in far west of Zadar archipelago, near the island of Premuda.

Visiting the Underwater Cathedral (3)

The name was given due to cavern’s extraordinary large hall, topped with a dome-like roof dotted with holes. Through them, daylight comes to this quiet building, constructed by nature during untold centuries of geologic phenomena. Once you enter below the dome and enjoy the unique lighting, it really feels as if you are in the middle of a large, impressive cathedral.

Visiting the underwater cathedral with one of Croatia’s most notable divers and photographers, Ive Sosa, has led us to some truly fascinating photographs. As our field reporters arrived to a buoy marking the location of the cavern, they jumped into the azure color of Adriatic Sea. Together with Sosa, they submerged 30 meters below surface, finally arriving to the entry point of Cathedral.

Visiting the Underwater Cathedral (6)

The diving interior of the cavern is easily accessible, so you don’t have to be an experienced diver to witness its unique beauty. However, certain parts of the complex are much more difficult to reach, demanding knowledge and wits of the people visiting the underwater cathedral.

During their trip to Premuda’s attractive locality, our team has also witnessed a large number of sea beings, including sponges, crabs, cnidarians and fish. It was a unique and inspiring adventure, and you can assure yourself by clicking our photo gallery below.


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