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If you are lucky enough, the accommodation you rented for staying in Croatia will have its very own agricultural field. The friendly locals will explain the everyday life of being a farmer, and how hard work leads to prime things such as Croatian wines and culinary delicacies. Generations have been fed this way, not eating a single thing which wouldn’t be labeled as “not-organic” by contemporary norms. The vineyard of Pharos, photographed above, is one such locality.

Pharos, or as Croats call it, the Island of Hvar, is one of Croatia’s most popular coastal destinations. Settled even in ancient times, it became a vital territory for agriculture, feeding considerable local population. The agricultural field of Hvar was called Pharos Hora, and is still far from being depleted.

The vineyard of Pharos is only one lovely natural sight of the renowned island. If you have ever visited Hvar on your own, upload a photo or two to our Facebook Wall, and share the great time you had in Croatia with our online community.


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