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In the last few years, Croatia has become one of the most desirable destinations for seaside vacation. Yet, once the summer season ends, the country offers a different kind of experience. Village tourism in Croatia, sometimes referred to as agro-tourism, is getting its momentum, and the options for it rise with each and every new fall.

The concept is rather simple. Guests are welcome to stay in small rural settlements of Croatia. In some cases, their accommodation is luxurious and resembles a five-star apartment. In other, however, guests opt to stay in traditional Croatian houses, enjoying their unique features and embracing the country’s rich cultural inheritance.

Hrascina Village

Most villages in Croatia are quite charming and surrounded with lovely natural landscapes one can venture into. Yet, some guests can’t settle on simple strolling and enjoying the scenery. They wish to experience local village life to its fullest. For such individuals, workers in agro-tourism have a special offer. The visitors are introduced to everyday activities occurring on Croatian farms, and are encouraged to participate in them.

This might include milking cows, or changing hay food to horses. More physically capable guests could even be brought to fields or vineyards, and tasked with picking fruits. In case of coastal villages, guests become crews of small fishing boats and give their share in throwing fishing nets and processing of caught prey.

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Most people having such vacation are very impressed with their experience. The extra hard work they need to do is fulfilling, and change of pace more than welcome. After months of being locked in the office, a little sweat on one’s hands might actually be quite beneficial.

A lot of eco-villages are turning towards this kind of tourism, so if you feel like doing some heavy farm-lifting, consider Dol na Bracu, Stara Podstrana or Kokorici as your staying spot in the country. Alternatively, visit our Destinations List and discover why village tourism in Croatia is a great option once summer turns into the new season.


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