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Villas are always desirable residential spaces. However, where they are located also counts. Following the example of famous actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, a young couple decided to settle their own grandiose home on Croatia’s most popular peninsula. Yes indeed- They fulfilled their dream of having a villa in Istria.

The Istrian countryside is quite known for its charming exteriors and rich cultural inheritance. Gastronomically speaking, the region has a very strong tradition and identity. Istria also features a plethora of interesting cities and settlements. The city of Rovinj is Croatia’s most successful tourist destination, while Pula’s amphitheater is one of Croatia’s most well-received symbols. The town of Porec is known for its rich nightlife offer, yet its vicinity is quiet and secluded. In this calm area, you will find a small settlement of Valkarin. And inside Valkarin, you can find the lovely Villa Val.

Porec, 02.04.2014 -Kuca za odmor u okolici Poreca

“Modern architecture is our common passion. That’s obvious once you see our Villa,” the couple explained to LC source. “We worked with architects of Alter Ego firm in Pula and ABCD Company in Porec, but a lot of ideas for the house are our own.”

The couple likes to joke that it took two years to plan the house, but only twelve days to actually build it. “It wasn’t really constructed. Assembled would be the right word. It was erected in less than two weeks. However, interior decoration and settling prolonged the process to hundred days.”

Despite having a modern look, Villa Val is not architecturally aggressive towards the rest of the village. “Having a villa in Istria, especially in such charming village as Valkarin, comes with certain responsibilities. We didn’t want to counter the village’s traditional architecture with gigantic house and modern materials. In order to lower Val’s distinguished vibe, we made a classical façade and used Istrian limestone as a pavement material. “

The couple also decided not to build a pool, as it would interfere with Val’s architectural concept. They have, however, kept a century old bread oven. “In past, it was the only oven of the kind in village. Residents would use it to make home-made bread for their families. We hope that custom will return. We renovated the oven and decorated it with limestone.”

It is nice to know that owners of such estate are so caring about the surroundings. Having a villa in Istria is pricy, but concerning the region’s beauty and constant rise of value, it might end up as a very smart investment.

Check out Villa Val’s photo gallery below:


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