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Our reader Duncskó Péter, resident of Budapest, has visited Croatian region of Dalmatia. During his travel, he reached a view from Zadar bell tower he simply couldn’t ignore. Without hesitation, Duncskó used his photo equipment and captured the beautiful coastal surrounding of Zadar aquatorium.

Traditional, yet modern, Zadar is one of the most visited localities in Croatia, annually visited by several thousand visitors. In addition to beautiful Riviera and kilometers of gorgeous coastal promenades, Zadar offers numerous opportunities to try tasty Dalmatian specialties, including the renowned octopus roasted under the iron bell called peka.

Zadar is quite known for its lovely sunsets, whose blaze-like pattern prompted Alfred Hitchcock to name it the most beautiful sight of the kind in the world. Of similar beauty is an old Church of Saint Donatus, a pre-Romanesque construction which testifies about Zadar’s long and prosperous history. Just a few meters away, another gorgeous piece of archaic architecture can be found: the Church of St. Anastasia, the largest cathedral in Dalmatian region.

But not all marvels of Zadar are old. The town’s coastal area features contemporary artistic installations called Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. The first one is literally a gigantic organ, whose sounds are operated by waves as they enter the installation and draw air through the specially designed ducts. The latter is an interactive piece of art which runs on solar power, transforming it into a lightshow available during warm Zadar nights.

Duncskó Péter had a lot of fun during his stay in Croatia, and has experienced a vacation of memorable beauty. If you had the similar stay in the country, feel free to share your photos, video clips and impressions on our official Facebook page. You’ll also earn a chance to become our daily media contributor, and show everybody around the globe how much you like Croatia.


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