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One of our greatest fans and most frequent readers, Matea Bacica, loves to make her own video clips about Croatian beauty and everyday life in the country. We already presented you with her list of Croatia’s best beaches, and today we bring you Matea’s video guide to Croatian Natural Parks. As a country whose natural inheritance is spoken of around our beautiful world, Croatia has several sites protected by government decree. Having the highest possible protection status, these localities count as must-visit destinations to visitors of Croatia.

Matea’s video guide to Croatian Natural Parks brings eight sites of uniquely exquisite beauty. It begins with Northern Velebit, a wonderful forest terrain located around town of Karlobag. It is the home of Lukina Jama cavern, where speleologists discovered a new species of snail several years ago. Next is Krka National Park, a destination following banks of Krka River featuring numerous waterfalls- including the charming Skradinski Buk.

Video guide to Croatian Natural Parks

The video guide to Croatian Natural Parks then follows to western peninsula of Istria, where 14 attractive islands of Brijuni Archipelago never fail to cause awe in those who visit their splendorous soil and attractive golf terrains. The list then turns to Kornati Archipelago, a set of islands known for their desolate landscape of cliffs and reefs. Visitors seeking peace and meditation will surely be inspired by their quiet calmness.

National Park Mljet is actually an Island featuring dozens of isolated beaches and even a monastery dating from 12th century. Meanwhile, in the high grounds of Gorski Kotar Region, one can visit the mountain of bobcats called Risnjak, filled with secluded lakes, plains, valleys and forests.

The Canyons of Paklenica are also a natural sight worthy of one’s visit during the trip to Croatia, especially to those who like to hike and climb the cliffs. Finally, Matea’s list ends with Plitvice Lakes, a locality which we mentioned numerous times on Like Croatia, and will continue to do so in the future- rejoicing our readers by the way.

Check out Matea’s Video guide to Croatian Natural Parks here:

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