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The end of May is traditionally associated with wine celebrations in Split.  And wine, as many know, is kind of a big thing in Croatia. The world is just discovering the country’s enological offer, yet the tradition of grape harvesting and processing can be traced for centuries in the past.

Thus, one can question, what kind of place is worthy enough to host the celebration of Croatian wines? In Dalmatia, one such spot can be found beneath the earth’s surface. The very heart of Split city is an old palace, constructed by Roman Emperor Diocletian as early as 4th century. Its basements have been always opened to public, and were hosting a variety of cultural events.  This time, they will provide hospitality to hundreds of avid wine-lovers.


Organized by Slobodna Dalmacija daily paper, ‘The Wine Cellar” festival will gather best Croatian vineries, allowing them to present their works to numerous attendees. The two-day event is taking place for the fifth year, and will begin on May 19th.

In addition to Croatian wines, people will be able to enjoy those coming from neighboring countries as well. As for food, a great selection of cheese products will be available as well, coupled with fine tunes of jazz and swing music.

If you are in Split this week, there are no reasons not to venture into the charming cellars of the city’s fascinating palace. You are bound to experience both Dalmatian history and the region’s best wine products in a very special setting.