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Croatia is full of ancient ramparts and abandoned castles, proving the country’s long and impressive past. One of them is Stari Grad, a complex of defensive structures, constructed in 13th century. It was of immense strategic value during Tatar invasions, and many tales of Croatian heroes are connected with this old ground. According to a legend, one king was fleeing the Tatar warriors and found refugee precisely in Veliki Kalnik. The local population was feeding him plums, because of which they are still known as sljivari (plum-pickers).

The photo above was taken by Kruno Durec, and for more information about this unique portion of Croatian land, visit Kalnik Tourist Office. If planning to visit the region, don’t forget to use our air-ticket reservation service. In case you wish to make an excursion to Kalnik, use our online rent-a-car and find transportation of your liking.


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