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Croats have a saying Ploviti se mora, meaning “One needs to sail”. It is usually used to describe the need to keep going in life, no matter the obstacles. The saying was slightly altered in case of a certain Croatian scuba-diving club, whose members named it Roniti se mora (“One needs to dive”). The organization became internationally recognized thanks to their photo competition, which annually gathers dozens of camera-lovers addicted to sea depths. Underwater Photo Marathon 2015 has recently ended, and we bring you the crème of the works in competition. Be ready to be amazed with a fascinating world of world seas, lakes, rivers and ponds.

Thanks to all the people who participated in the competition!  Now, let’s cut the chatter and let photographs speak for themselves about the beauty of this world. Check out the gorgeous gallery of Underwater Photo Marathon 2015!

Also, check out the organization’s official web here.


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