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Today, Croatia is a modern European country and a very desirable tourist destination which guarantees leisure, relaxation and rich cultural life. However, things were not always such good-looking on Balkan Peninsula. A little more than 20 years ago, Croatia won its independence after a bloody war which followed the fall of Yugoslavian state.

In order to commemorate the casualties of their ranks in the aforementioned conflict, Croatian military scuba divers have recently presented a monument with an inscribed tablet, honoring the fallen soldiers. However, what is unique is the location where the monument has been positioned. It lies on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea, on a specially designed place in Kastela Valley.

The tablet was positioned following a traditional ceremony aboard a Croatian military vessel. It is now open for a visit to every scuba-diver interested to know the recent history of this Mediterranean country. Knowing the risks of being an army diver, and courage needed for doing such a dangerous job, it is a suitable sign of respect for these underwater warriors of Croatia.

Take a look at opening ceremony of the table in the photo gallery below:


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