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According to the latest news from science world, human beings will soon have the capability to breathe underwater without scuba-diving gear. No, they won’t develop gills on the neck. They will actually chew a few laboratory-formed crystals and boost oxygen levels in their entire organism.

The invention is nicknamed „Aquaman Crystal“, and its founding can be thanked to hardworking scientists of the Southern Denmark University. Basically, they developed a crystal which binds oxygen in high concentrations, and can also absorb it from the surroundings such as water. According to Professor Christine McKenzie, only a few grains will be enough for a successful dive, and the average dosage will have three times more oxygen than common scuba tank.

Man on the sea

There are some things which need to be perfected, of course. Humans don’t breathe pure oxygen, but its mixture with some other gases found in nature. Also, as every true scuba diver knows, issues with pressure must be taken into account when using this technology. Diving to osteep might seriously harm the consumer, and special training is required.

“Aquaman Crystals” can be also used in medicine. In case of lung cancer patients, they won’t need to carry oxygen tanks with them, but only consume a small dosage of these crystals.

Long story short, the upcoming technologies will surely make your summer vacation in Croatia much more pleasant. Just imagine exploring numerous Adriatic diving sites with nothing but powder in your mouth, not to mention the time you might have with underwater ghostships.


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