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Some people just want their vacation to be a relaxing experience, with some impressive nature sights thrown in as a bonus. The tranquility of Prapratno beach is a perfect solution for such a visitor. Situated around three kilometers away from the Town of Ston, it is a highly-approved site even among Peljesac residents. And these people spend their lifetime surrounded by natural beauties of Croatia.

A long sandy beach, followed by a thick forest of pine trees, Prapratno is precisely the destination you envision when fantasizing of a Mediterranean vacation. Occasionally the wind called maestral might lead a couple of larger waves onto the shores. These are minor annoyances which usually only prompt children to re-build their sand buildings near the shallows.

The tranquility of Prapratno is not even endangered with a large auto-camp, which exists in the vicinity. Equipped with its own electricity grid, sanitation system and sport terrains, it is a great choice of accommodation for people who like being in outdoors. Guests who like to spend their vacation in a more traditional way are free to choose among a large number of apartments and rooms, available for rent.

Prapratno is also a good destination choice if you intend to visit the Island of Mljet. A ferry route is open throughout the whole year, so you can easily reach places such as Njivice, Polace, Govedari and Babine Kuce. Be reminded that Mljet is the island with most forest terrain in Croatia, with large portions of its territory being proclaimed a National Park.

The photo above was taken by our reader Petr Reeh Dandy, who visited Prapratno in 2012. Be assured that beauty and tranquility of the beach have been preserved, and that it can be your destination of choice in summer 2015.


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